In addition to the ANZBGF Rules, the Gold Coast Backgammon Club has some local rules

  • Clock Etiquette – Players wanting to practice with clocks in preparation for tournaments etc. must ask their opponent at the beginning of the game whether they would like to use a clock for the match. If the opponent agrees, then the clock is used for the match.  Since the use of clocks is for practice only, should a player go over time when using the clock, there is no penalty.
    • Known colloquially as “The Cone Of Silence“, a competitor has the right to ask their opponent for silence apart from any necessary communication e.g. errors, doubling etc. If this request is made, players are expected to respect the request to the best of their abilities.
      • RSVP for tournaments does not give any preference to order of player selection – people are added to tournament in order of payment whether RSVP or not. RSVP is not required but does inform us of how many tables to book and also generate interest.