Our tournaments start at 6PM and run until about 9:30PM or maybe a bit later for the finals.

Tournaments are 5 point, single elimination, with an optional buy back. First time local players get one free entry at Benowa and Mermaid where entry is $5 + $1 club fee with an optional $5 side pool.  Coco Loco tournaments are $10 + $1 club fee and optional $10 side pool.  Plus the winner gets free entry to the end of year tournament at Craig’s house.  All players will need to have the extra $1 for the tin each time – this money goes towards club costs e.g. general expenses, trophies, marketing costs etc

If a player is eliminated, their side pool bet is over.  If they buy back into the tournament, they may buy back into the side pool as well.

Winner receives 70% of prize pool, runner up receives 30%.  Players in the final may negotiate their own division of money. The side pool goes to the player who has entered the side pool and advances furthest in the tournament. At Mermaid, where there are multiple tournaments, the side pool remains in the bracket with the players i.e. it is not shared equally over all brackets.

All players are expected to abide by the rules and code of ethics.

These are general guidelines, if you are new it is probably best to use the contact form to confirm details.

Here are some blank tournament score sheets


8 player field PDF


3 x field of 8 PDF


16 player field PDF


Round Robin PDF


Chouette PDF